hi!!! so!!! i’m pretty excited because i’ve been working on this for ages so… here is the first of my les mis tarot cards! the (incredibly ambitious) aim is to eventually complete an entire seventy-eight-card deck, based very heavily on the rider waite smith! i’m trying to incorporate the designs and symbolism from that deck into this one without taking the illustrations outside the realm of reality—or the realm of les mis canon, at least.
i have a couple of other cards drawn and many more planned so! watch this space! i hope you like them, and i’d love to hear any comments or feedback, especially if you’re also into tarot!!!

as you can tell i am sooo not going in any order, but here is the first of this series: the two of cups! featuring enjolras and combeferre~

this card is also dedicated to the super wonderful and lovely galvin lily ( @nozoelicchi) !!! happy birthday my beautiful friend!!!

Oh, wow this is gorgeous! I really like the way the gold of the cups is echoed in the rest of the picture (the caduceus on the book, the frames of Combeferre’s glasses, Enjolras’ hair) and the calm mood of the piece overall! 


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