idk man but enjolras and grantaire living on the opposite sides of the same little park and they both suffer from insomnia so some nights they like to go outside and take a walk in the park to calm their minds maybe which is how one night they bump into each other and wow thats unexpected what are you doing here at 3am???

and theyve already been friends (or more like friends by virtue of being in the same friend circle) but dont know that much about each other, so now they find out they both have insomnia and like to walk in the super shady park at night (that isnt even so shady coz dont worry, enjolras, that dude over there is just my dealer jerome, hes a really good guy i swear)

and basically they end up on a park bench every other night and just talk about things that are currently on their minds coz somehow theres this unspoken rule of what is said in the park at night stays in the park at night even if its just really stupid ridiculous things

(’yknow i could be a secret serial killer or something, you shouldnt hang around in the dark with people you barely even know’  ‘youre not a serial killer i saw you trip over bossuet’s shoe laces last week’  ‘oh, enjolras, please tell me, how does tripping over shoe laces disqualify me from being a serial killer’  ‘you tripped over someone else’s shoe laces – idek how you managed to do that?? – but anyways, youd make a terrible serial killer, way too clumsy.’  ‘wow, rude, youre crushing my dreams here, man’)

(its also one of these nights when enjolras actually tries pot for the first time coz r promises it helps with all the racing thoughts and the restlessness that tend to be the things that keep them awake at night – it does help, but mostly because theyre too busy laughing at each other until the sun rises and they both go home still smiling)

none of their friends know about this weird nightly routine they accidentally establish because they never mention anything about it to each other or someone else. its a secret, a very innocent one but still their secret and 
it somehow makes them grow closer together to the point that les amis definitely notice theres a different vibe to their daytime interactions. (they dont know whats up. but something definitely is.)

that something is finally revealed when the sun rises one morning after another night of talking (and also not-talking and just sitting quietly in each other’s company) and enjolras is like ‘ykno you could…i mean if you want to…we could have coffee at my place? breakfast maybe?’

and since enjolras shares his flat with the rest of the triumvirate they totally bump into courfeyrac and combeferre in the kitchen, who just look at them wide eyed like waiiiiiiiit…………… before they both start grinning in the same super smug way 

‘so that’s how you two been hanging out lately, huh?’

‘midnight walks in the park, we are scandalized.’

‘anything else youve been hiding from us, affairs? illegitimate children?’

‘can you two please stop, ohmygod, grantaire and i are going to have coffee in my room now because you two are terrible.’

‘ohhhhhh, please, dont let us hold u back.’

‘have fun, dont do anything we wouldn’t do.’


enjolras just takes the whole coffee pot in one hand and grantaire’s arm into the other and disappears into his room while grantaire just keeps laughing.

when ferre and courf later check on them (’theyve been drinking coffee for a very long time, dont you think?’) they find the two asleep on top of enjolras’ bedsheets, still fully clothed, in each other’s arms and strangely enough completely knocked out

and yeah thats how they somehow end up in a relationship? neither is really sure about this but it seems like it and….its kinda nice? (’have we been going on nightly dates all this time?’ ‘I didnt even keep count, how many dates did we have? ….when was our first date then?’ ‘fuck, i dont remember.’)

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