list of college AUs based on things that have actually happened to me

  • “it’s almost winter and i’m the pizza delivery driver who called you like five minutes
    ago to tell you i’m outside and i’m freezing my ass off here but it turns out that
    you were slow getting outside because you were bringing me hand warmers” au
  • “i’m being forced to go to a poetry reading by this visiting author i’ve never heard of and i’m waiting for it to start when you sit down next to me and i try to make conversation, and yup, you’re the fucking author” au
  • “we’re the only two people in the entire hallway of our dorm who get excited about halloween and one day we end up sitting next to each other in the empty hallway with buckets of candy waiting for trick-or-treaters” au
  • “you’re my professor and you have this really intricate looking tattoo poking out of your shirt but i can’t tell what it is and so after a few weeks it finally drives me insane enough to ask about it and you tell me you’ll explain it at the end of the semester if i get an A” au
  • “our dorms are right next to each other but we barely talk and don’t have much in common except we both have really shitty cars and we always have to ask the other one to jump them.” au
  • “i fucking love fall/halloween and i decorated the front of my dorm but the decorations slowly start disappearing and one day i’m coming back from the bathroom and catch you stealing my miniature pumpkins” au
  • “we both work at this on-campus pizza place and we got stuck working the overnight shift and we start arguing about the best combination of pizza toppings but we can’t decide so we each make our own really weird pizzas and have the drunk kids who come in vote on the best ones.” au

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