I’m rereading the book, this version being the Christine Donougher translation, and couldn’t help noticing something that is now my favorite headcanon of all time. Gavroche has a crush on Bahorel.

“he tore the notice off the wall. This won Gavroche over. From that moment on, Gavroche began to study Bahorel.” (Book Eleven (the Atom Embraces the Storm), 969)

And more than just that, Gavroche listens to Bahorel, which he does not do to Montparnasse, or even Enjolras.

“Gavroche was struck by that word, Hercle. He took every opportunity to educate himself, and he felt respect for this tearer-down of posters. He asked him,‘What does it mean, Hercle?’

Bahorel replied, ‘It means “God damn it” in Latin.’” (969)

And, a little later we discover Gavroche appreciates men, and possibly was remarking on Bahorel and not the mysterious man with the beard.

“’Bel homme – yes, indeed, a handsome man!’ said Gavroche, who now understood Latin.” (970)

Just… putting this out there. Make of it what you will.

Also here’s another quote, entirely unrelated, that shattered my belief that I am a modern day (albeit brunette, but hair color can be changed) Enjolras.

“’The tall fair-haired fellow,’ said Grantaire, ‘that’s Enjolras’“ (Book Twelve (Corinthe), 984)

Isn’t the Gavroche-Bahorel friendship the actual best thing?!? I’m  so sad everyone leaves it out of adaptations, it’s one of the most fascinating little echoes in the book!  I think Donougher’s even one of those who misses a little bit of it later, but I’ll need to recheck that. (Also so very on board with Gavroche basically telling Bahorel “hell yeah you look good bro, high five”. And now I need the two of them doing the Uptown Funk routine at each other immediately if not retroactively.) 

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