Right… remember this part of my to-do list?

  • Decide
    whether or not you’re going to try to get to Les Mis this weekend
    before Arbender leaves or if you’re just going to cry about it from

…yeah, apparently I’m going.  I found a side front mezz seat for $37.  That’s way too easy to justify and now I don’t need to worry about getting in early enough for rush.  So, there you go.  Now I just need to make up an IOU coupon for him for a scarf.  -.-;;;

…or maybe I’ll make him a journal?  I could do that.  If I get up early enough I could do it tomorrow morning.  Or I could do it tonight before I go to bed.  That would be easier.  Maybe I’ll do that.

…maybe I’ll do that AND write him an IOU for the scarf.

…I have immense feels where Arbender is concerned.  -.-;;;


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