Connected to this post, re:  the “hypochondriac” thing: 

-“Hypochondriac” has a different meaning in canon-era context. For one thing, it was used to describe several different conditions. And in Joly’s case, it’s specifically in reference to Moliere’s play, (which, perhaps relevantly, ends with the title character deciding to become a doctor because ‘no disease would attack a doctor’). So it may not be terribly useful to apply the modern understanding of “hypochondria” to Joly in any case; it’s a pop culture joke directed to the audience of Hugo’s day that’s sort of lost its connotation now(it can also be considered a bit of a dig at the Know-it-All attitude of the medical establishment; that is, something confirming the validity of Joly’s eccentric attitude towards experimental treatments, as much as it’s teasing).  

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