If you’re ever like “but what do fic writers even WANT.”

a book report

They want a book report.

They want you to get 9th grade English up in their shit. 

Remember having to write ad nauseam about the symbolism of that stupid conch in Lord of the Flies? They want you to do that about Steve Roger’s shield and Emma Swan’s jacket.

WHoa seriously?? People WANT this?
Holy crap, I always thought I’d be really rude to leave an overly long comment on something, or it’d just be super creepy for me to babble a load of emotional attatchment I had to their product, or all my wild fan theories which are probably wrong…
I mean.. I know if I ever created something I’d wanna see comments like that, but I’m a weirdo and I haven’t even created anything anyway so what do I know?
Umm.. yeah.. so… at my followers and friends and stuff: does anyone agree with this? Do I have permission to really ramble embarrassingly and honestly when I like your stuff, or would you prefer short and semi-rational comments?

I agree! I really like to read people toughts on my stuff, no matter the writing style.

I always LOVE knowing that readers understand why I chose certain ways of getting things across! I also love seeing which bits OTHER PEOPLE liked best! Since I’m the author, I’m biased. I either think my work is brilliant or I have crushing doubts.

So – whichever you want, or feel comfortable with!



It always makes me laugh when someone apologizes for leaving me a long comment, because you have NO IDEA how thrilled I am when you do.  I know that not everyone has it in them to leave seven paragraphs worth of squee analysis (and I sure as hell don’t expect that!), but ngl… when I DO get it, I’m over the moon with joy.  ^_^  So, please, never apologize or feel bad for leaving long, babbly comments!  I love them to pieces!

And to clarify something, from me at least, I’m not even looking for a book report.  I mean, if you want to give me one, I sure won’t complain (;D), but it’s not necessary.  Even just knowing how my story made you feel (if you liked it enough and feel comfortable enough to want to tell me) makes me happy.  If there was a line that you particularly loved, quoting it back to me with an “OMG, I love this line! XD” is awesome, too.  It really honestly doesn’t take much to make me happy in the comment arena.  ^_^

But the reason I love getting those long comments full of squee analysis is because it gives me a jumping off point to talk to you and to get to know you.  Because if you’re as excited about my writing as I am, odds are we have things in common and I’d love to know you better.  Who knows?  We could find a friend in each other.  (Right @kingesstropolis? ^_~)

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