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“[[MOR] Seriously EVERYTHING HURTS.  My back, my chest, my ribs, my…”

😦 😦 😦 this sounds like such a miserable day! I hope *something* about it improves at least! ❤

*hugs*  It really has been.  My body does this stupid thing every year where I get a cold which develops into bronchitis and then it settles into a dry cough that hangs around for the next four months.  And half the cures they try on me are worse than the coughing.  😛  But for the part of the year where I’m in cold/bronchitis mode, I cough so hard that literally pull muscles between my ribs.  And my entire respiratory tract from my mouth to my upper bronchi just ACHE.  And unless I sit in very specific positions and sleep with my head pretty propped up (neither of which my back appreciates or will tolerate for more than a night or two), then I end up having these huge coughing spasms that just really suck.

And on TOP of that, I have 84 tests to grade by Monday, my sister and her family are coming over for dinner tomorrow, and my students don’t fucking READ ANYTHING and I’m just… really kind of stressed about it all.

BUT, I spent a couple of hours in my recliner with my cat and a good book and that eased my back and the coughing a bit, I just ordered bad-for-me-but-tasty Italian food and watched the latest Supergirl episode, and I think I’m finally ready to grade a few more tests.  So… things are hopefully looking up?  Hopefully?  -.-;;;


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