answered your question
“I realize I’ve been pulling a disappearing act lately and I just…”

I’ve been pretty good actually–school is sort of starting to feel managable? And the short countdown to Christmas break doesn’t hurt either! ^_^ No apologies needed, but I do miss you–I feel very disconnected too! I hope your semester ends well!

Yay!  😀  I’m glad that school is finally starting to feel manageable!  That makes me happy to hear.  ^_^

And I MISS YOU, TOO.  *clings*  I’m hoping that in the next week or so, things will open up for me and I’ll be able to get back to tumblr and talking to people again.  *nodnodnod*  And now that we know what tumblr’s new “reply” looks like, hopefully the new xkit team will be able to bring back the old style reply.  Because this doesn’t exactly bring the community feeling back.  If anything, it just makes us more insular.  😛  Ugh.

Anyway, I’m glad things are going well!  ^_^  I hope the rest of your countdown to Christmas Break goes quickly and smoothly and as anxiety-free as it can!  *snugs*

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