Why Vote Bernie?



–Bernie is the only presidential candidate that has never voted against LGBTQ+ rights & has always voted for same-sex marriage legalization

– He is pro-choice “ we are not returning to the days of back room abortions, when countless women died or were maimed. The decision about abortion must remain a decision for the woman, her family, & physician to make, not the government.” -Senator Bernie Sanders

– Pro-Gun control , he agrees that people should have the right to bare arms in the case of self defense or hunting but nobody needs a bazooka to go hunting. he is for strict limitations on the purchasing of guns & getting a gun license.

– Free health care to everyone. though this wont be a big deal for people with higher wages, the majority of americas is lower middle class & by cutting down a monthly bill can help alot

– raising minimum wage to a living wage $15 , anyone with kids or in general should be able to see their families & friends instead of working 2 jobs to barely live

– by raising minimum wage we will be lowering poverty rates in america , & we do happen to have the highest poverty rates.

– Free or almost free education in all public schools, plans to substantially lower student loan payments for everyone & plans to make all public colleges free , giving everyone the right to education that they are able to obtain

– free or very cheap access to internet for everyone, for research , school , etc. without hidden rates etc.

– gender equality in the workplace, consisting of equal wages & making it illegal to deny someone work for their gender identity or sexual orientation.

– for the legalization of marijuana for medical & recreational usages , & adding taxes to it. letting everyone in jail for marijuana related charges out.

You guys, I don’t think you realize how important it is to support Bernie Sanders. This is the candidate we’ve all been waiting for! But if we don’t unite to support him, unless more scandals go down, Hillary Clinton is going to get the Democratic nomination, no doubt! You know why? Because the older Democratic generation will be voting for HER in the primaries and not Bernie Sanders. If you’re 18 or older, you NEED to register to vote and vote for him during the primaries. You can’t wait for the general election, or it’ll be too late! The younger generation FINALLY has the opportunity to cause change! And I really don’t want to watch us drop this opportunity! 

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