What if Marius and Cosette were that kind of couple that marry early ? And of course Pontmercy being himself he always brings up his wife in any conversation and people are just ‘… but you’re like 23 aren’t you′ 

Okay. Apparently I have a lot of feelings about this. Because when you get married that young, people assume a lot of weird crap–so Cosette and Marius being mistaken for siblings because they’re so young that the only way they’d have the same last name is if they’re siblings, not because they’re married. And people assuming that Cosette is pregnant when they announce they’re getting married–and getting married soon (because they don’t want to spend a year+ planning a wedding, they just want to be married.) And people–not their friends, because of course their friends are super supportive–telling them that they’re making a mistake, that they can’t possibly know they want to spend the rest of their lives together, that they’re throwing the best years of their lives away, that they’re just going to end up divorced in a few years anyway.

But Marius and Cosette just don’t care about all the nay-sayers because they’re in love and being married and becoming a family is so so important to them. They’re not stupid. They know marriage is hard work, they know that a lot of marriages fail, and they know they’re young and that there’s a lot of life they haven’t experienced, but they also know they want to share those experiences with each other. So yeah. They’re totally that couple that gets married in their early twenties–and they have a beautiful, happy marriage and become that old couple you see in parks and shopping centers who are still completely and totally devoted to each other in their old age.


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