OK, I’m going to do this in two batches because that IS a lot of questions.  (Not that I’m complaining!  ;D)  And I’m going to put the answers behind a cut because of the chance of spoilers.

So, first… Muet!Jehan.  ^_^

(Anyone else want to play?)

1) Something this character is truly proud of.

That’s actually kind of hard to answer.  Prouvaire is such a twisted up pit of self-loathing in this universe that pride doesn’t really enter into it, you know?  He feels satisfaction over a job well done–i.e., what he did to Courfeyrac–but he’s not proud of it.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say that every time he uses his telepathy for anything, it sets of this cascade of shame, even though he believes it’s the only useful skill he has.

2) Who they want to please the most.

His mother.  Without question.  Even though he hasn’t seen her in years, even though he assumes she must hate him by now, that she’s at the very least disgusted with him… if just once he could make her proud, the whole sorry mess that is his life now would be worth it to him.

9) What calms them when they are upset.

R.  It’s really that simple.  There’s a connection there.  Shared secrets.  It’s fucked up–like everything else about Prouvaire–and really unhealthy, but knowing that R depends on him as someone he can talk to has a grounding effect on him.

10) How they deal with pain.

Again, I’m going to point you back to the fact that Prouvaire is SERIOUSLY FUCKED UP in this ‘verse.  Pain is his friend.  He revels in it.  Physical pain, mental pain, emotional pain, his own or anyone else’s.  When he’s in pain or causing pain is when he feels most alive.

19) When they feel safest

I honestly don’t think Prouvaire EVER feels safe in Muet!verse.  😛

21) Their fondest childhood memory

His family, along with several others, had a commune that was as off the grid as they could make it.  They grew their own food, powered their electricity with alternate sources of energy, recycled everything they could.  His fondest memories are of being out in the kitchen gardens with his mother, his hands buried in the dirt as he learned how to grow the food that they all depended on to survive.

24) What they wish they could change about themselves

…everything.  Seriously, Prouvaire’s self-loathing knows no bounds.  He absolutely hates who he’s become–who the government forced him to become.  If he could recondition himself to become someone completely different, he would do it in a heartbeat and never look back.  But if he had to pick one thing, it would be his telepathy.  He would crack open his own head and tear it out by the roots if he could, because, without it, he might have had a chance at a normal life.  He might still be with his family.

25) What other people wish they could change about them

His unpredictability.  His instability.  He’s not reliable.  None of Les Amis know from one moment to the next if he’s going to do what they need or fly off the handle on some insane bender.  Because of that, they can’t trust him, and in Muet!verse… well, trust is the only thing that really matters, isn’t it?

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