2008/05/17 M – Philadelphia
Hugh Panaro (Valjean), Paul Schoeffler (Javert), Jessica Bogart (Fantine), Josh Young (Marius), Julie Craig (Cosette), Christina DeCicco (Eponine), Jeffrey Coon (Enjolras), Scott Greer (Thenardier), Dawn Spence (Mme. Thenardier), Peter Schmitz (Bishop of Digne, Montparnasse), Constantine Germanacos (Factory Foreman, Courfeyrac), Ben Dibble (Bamatobois, Claquesous, Combeferre), Nicholas F. Saverine (Champmathieu, Brujon), Fran Prisco (Grantaire, Babet), Michael Philip O’Brien (Feuilly), Darren Michael Hengst (Joly), Steve Pacek (Jean Prouvaire), Joe Jackson (Lesgles), Laura Gwynne Yaros (Little Cosette), Maggie Fitzgerald (Little Eponine), Dante Mignucci (Gavroche), Katie O’Shaughnessey, Mary Martello, Denise Whelan, Kelley Faulkner, Danielle Herbert, Jennifer Page, Ilona Rubenstein, Abigail Sparrow


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