some festive joly things to consider


  • joly buying souvenir christmas baubles everywhere he goes
  • joy having the biggest collection of cheesy christmas movies 
  • joly mixing practically deadly christmas drinks insisting that they’re great cures for colds
  • jbm taking ridiculous selfies in the snow (bossuet has fallen over like five times and has a black eye) (chetta is wearing the earmuffs joly bought her and she complained but she actually loves them and she looks adorable) 
  • feuilly always makes things for his friends’ presents and throughout winter joly is frequently seen covered in a mountain of hand knitted hats and scarfs and gloves to stay warm (and also because he loves them and feuilly always picks lovely colours) (he also wears nothing but the awful christmas jumpers jehan has bought him over the years) 
  • being determined to find ways to make his friends enjoy christmas even if they think it’s a capitalist mess or that it always ends up with the family getting drunk and arguing
  • joly and bossuet trying to untangle fairly lights
  • he has socks that play christmas songs

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