Anyone have a fic rec?

If you have some fan-tastic fic, we wanna read it!

Um, yeah, NO. Mostly because of this sentence in the terms and conditions:

 Entries become sole property of Sponsor and none will be acknowledged or returned.

I encourage everyone to boost this, please don’t let anyone you know who writes fic to enter this contest.

For my fic writing friends.

It’s incredible that this is a promotion about how Entertainment Weekly has literally zero idea how fanfiction actually works.

“Write us a piece of fanfiction – don’t post it anywhere, so no one knows you wrote it – and we’re going to repost it as some dope hetero 50-Shades sexing, claim all credit and recognition, edit it if we want to, and completely ignore the fact that fanfic, in itself, is not actually okay with most original content holders. LET ALONE profiting off of it. Which is what we’d be doing – selling fucking magazines off the work you gave us for free you absolute sucker. Also here’s a screencap of the greatest example of fanfic bastardization and bullshit profiteering in history thus far.”

Get. Away. From. My. Writers.

Get the fuck away from my writers.

Don’t let your friends do this. Protect fanartists at all costs.

Nope. Nope nope nope. Noping away from this as fast as possible. Fuck you EW.

Somebody at EW is profoundly unclear on the concept. Several somebodies. NUMEROUS somebodies. On numerous counts.

Writers: NEVER give any publisher all rights in your work. NEVER EVER.

The terms also call it a non-exclusive royalty free license they can publish along with your name and likeness at any time. They don’t get fannish identities at all.
They could in theory (I think, I’m not a lawyer) create an anthology, sell it, and pay you nothing.
Kindle Worlds is fairer, which is saying something


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