My Very Les Mis Trip To Paris


A masterpost type of thing


Saturday (18th Oct. 2014): 

Part one

  • The barricade on Rue de la Chanv(er)rerie

Part Two

  • The actual historical barricade on Rue Saint-Merri
  • Rue de l’Homme Armé nro 7 (sort of)

Part Three

  • Rue de la Verrerie nro 16
  • Apollo’s Underwear
  • La Force prison

Part Four

  • La musée Carnavalet
  • An omelette called Marius
  • Victor Hugo’s home museum
  • Place de la Bastille

Sunday (19th Oct. 2014):

Part One 

  • The spot of Javert’s suicide

Part Two

  • Gorbeau House
  • Field of the Lark

Part Three

  • The Sewer Museum
  • Rue Plumet
  • (also Montparnasse cemetery and lots of random stuff)

Part Four

  • Café Musain
  • The Luxembourg Gardens

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