if you don’t acknowledge that platonic relationships might be the most important ones in somebody’s life, just remember that the trap that vader & palpatine tried to set for luke at cloud city pretty completely relied on that fact and sith lords are officially better at this than you are


do you think they somehow figured out that was the only way this was gonna work for them

like i don’t know how you’d even figure out but

do you think palps was just like “aw yeah. gonna corrupt another skywalker. easy-peasy. same as last time. we just gotta wait for him to fall in love and – OH COME ON”

it’s even better because luke is a pretty friendly dude, so presumably palpatine had to go through all the spy reports and figure out who his BFFs were out of basically the entire rebel alliance. his gunner dak? fellow pilot wedge antilles?? who????? 

meanwhile vader’s lurking in a corner going “wow my son has so many friends, he must be a great guy. do you… do you think he’d like me?”

“HE IS A TRAITOR ON THE RUN FROM THE EMPIRE, HOW DOES HE EVEN MEET ALL THESE PEOPLE,” shouts palpatine as he scrolls through tagged photo after tagged photo on rebel facebook.

this is the best caption anyone else has added to this post since i made it thank you for your contribution

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