Antisemitic Statements, Beliefs, and Microaggressions






I see many antisemitic comments on Tumblr, and it occurred to me that maybe non-Jews just don’t realize they’re being antisemitic. So I decided to make a list of antisemitic beliefs, statements, and microaggressions for your future reference. (Feel free to add any I might have missed.)

  • Jews control the media/government/banks/world.
  • All Jews are rich.
  • Jews have a disproportionate amount of wealth/power.
  • Antisemitism is no longer an issue/doesn’t exist.
  • Jews are not oppressed.
  • Jews are greedy/selfish.
  • Jews only care about themselves.
  • Jews make everything about themselves.
  • Jews are disloyal to [the country they live in].
  • Jews are not trustworthy.
  • The Holocaust wasn’t that bad.
  • Jews are milking the Holocaust for their own gain.
  • Jews need to stop talking about the Holocaust.
  • The Holocaust was a white-on-white genocide.
  • People only care about the Holocaust because the victims were white.
  • Jews caused the Holocaust.
  • Jews made the Holocaust up.
  • Jews caused [insert terrible event].
  • Jewish women are [insert negative trait].
  • Jewish men are [insert negative trait].
  • All Jews are [insert negative trait].
  • [White] Jews aren’t the real Jews.
  • Jews descend from Khazar converts.
  • Jews are racist because they only marry other Jews.
  • [Any statement comparing Jews to Hitler or Nazis.]
  • Jews are doing to others what Hitler did to them.
  • Jews only care about the Holocaust and not other genocides.
  • [Comparing the Star of David to the Nazi Swastika.]
  • [Asking any Jew you meet what their stance on Israel is.]
  • [Justifying antisemitic violence against Zionist Jews.]
  • Jews are going to get what they deserve.
  • Antisemitism isn’t a problem because Israel exists.
  • [Blaming all Jews for the actions of Israel.]
  • [Blaming all Jews for the actions of one Jewish person.]
  • Jews think they’re better than everyone else.
  • Hitler should’ve finished the job.
  • Hitler was right/no wonder Hitler wanted to kill Jews.
  • Jews have been kicked out of every place they’ve lived and they don’t think it’s their fault.
  • No wonder everyone hates Jews.
  • If Jews didn’t act [a certain way] no one would hate them.
  • Rabbis are rapists/molest baby boys.
  • I would never date/marry/have sex with a Jew.
  • You don’t look Jewish.
  • You look really Jewish.
  • If you [altered stereotypical features in any way] you would be so much prettier.
  • Jews use the blood of non-Jewish children or animals.
  • Jews killed Jesus.
  • Jews are poisoning white society.
  • Jews complain too much.
  • [Erasure of Jewish ethnic groups.]
  • [Erasure of Jewish history.]
  • [Mocking Jewish traditions or culture.]
  • [Calling for the deaths of Jews or another Jewish genocide.]
  • Jews assimilated into white culture so they could gain privilege.
  • [Identity policing Jews.]
  • Jews steal culture and land.
  • Jews owned slaves/participated in the slave trade.
  • Jews need Jesus.
  • Jews are going to hell [unless they accept Jesus as the messiah/convert to Christianity].
  • Judaism is just Christianity without Christ.
  • [Dressing up as a Jewish person.]
  • [Doing a “Jewish voice”.]
  • [Categorizing Jews as ”Good Jew” or “Bad Jew”.]
  • [Saying something isn’t antisemitic when you aren’t Jewish.]
  • [Trying to redefine the word antisemitism.]
  • [Comparing another tragic event to the Holocaust.]

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  • Europeans/White Jews stole Judaism from people of color
  • The phrase Judeo-Christian
  • The amount of hate crimes against Jews is over-exaggerated
  • Non-Jews saying “you can’t be Jewish if you do(n’t) _____”
  •  The Jewish American Princess stereotype
  • Jews are rich therefore they can’t be oppressed
  • “Bernie Sanders upholds white supremacy”
  • Implicating Jews in white supremacy
  • The idea that antisemitism started and stopped with the Nazis
  • “Donald Trump is just like Hitler”


-being really concerned about the state of a Jewish mans genitals

-calling any Jewish practice “backwards” or “outdated”

if you follow me and are not Jewish please read this!!!!!!! it’s v important

“I feel like I’ve just been Jewed down.”
[Trying to police a Jew’s eating habits i.e., keeping kosher or kosher for Pesach – “Oh right, you can’t eat that.”] 
[Alternately, not providing a kosher option for Jews who keep kosher.]
“Grammer nazi.”

I’m sure I could think of others, but these were the ones that popped immediately to mind.

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