#han being like that’s it i’m her dad now (via vrabia)

No but actually forreal can we talk about how Han reacts to Rey?

This scrappy kid from a desert planet in the back of beyond, all bright eyed and so eager you can practically see her tail wagging.  Hopeful and brilliant and shining, believing in fairy tales, believing in righteous causes, in armies of Light and Dark, in happy endings.

Like Maz says: you live long enough, you see the same eyes in different people.  He’s seen her eyes before.  And he’s seen what happens to bright, scrappy kids from the back of beyond who volunteer for big adventures in wide galaxy.

They get eaten alive.  The galaxy is a hard place, and it has no pity for innocent kids who believe in right and wrong. 

He’s seen her eyes before, all right.  He still remembers that scrappy kid on another desert planet, another kid with wide eyes and a wagging tail, another kid with more hope than sense, more courage than cunning, more skill than they knew, another kid who burned so brightly but not bright enough.  Not for the blackness between the stars.

He failed that kid.  Like he failed his wife, and his son.

He’s not gonna fail this one.


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