You know that I really, really love those ‘oh no he’s hot’-moments?

So please imagine high school Courferre where Courf is spending the summer holidays away like at his Puerto Rican grandma and they’re texting the whole summer and at one point Ferre goes ‘you know, apparently I’m incredibly short-sighted and need glasses’ for which Courf is teasing him endlessly.  

And then the first day of school Courf’s just so happy and excited to see his best friends again and just runs around a corner and right into Ferre and he just… freezes because glasses, glasses that really bring out Ferre’s cheekbones and he also cut his hair and growth spurt and yep, those are skinny jeans and oh no, he’s hot?!

And Courf is still in the phase where he thinks brightly patterned Bermuda-shorts are cool and wears the fitting, terrible and too big back-to-school motto shirt and flip flops and Ferre’s whole mind suddenly goes blank because alright, he has glasses now, he can see things and Courf is like the most beautiful person he has ever seen?!

And they just stare at each other for like solid minute before Ferre just says the first thing that comes to his mind which happens to be, ‘You have freckles?’

(Cue to Enjolras in the background hitting his head against the closest locker)

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