Another meme?  Why not?  ^_^  It’s been that kind of weekend so far.  ^_^  Tagged by @takethewatch.

Rules: Write the first 10 songs that come up on shuffle (no skipping)
and quote your favorite lyrics from each song, then tag 10 people

(…though this could get interesting, because I don’t think I have favorite lyrics in most of the songs I listen to.  For that matter, I’m not even sure I KNOW the lyrics to half the songs I listen to.  O_o;;;)

(HA.  Wow.  That turned out to be both interestingly eclectic and yet still have several things pop up from the same artists.  INTERESTING.  Random shuffle is not so random, I see.  ^_~  Anyway, tagging anyone who wants to do this one because I’m suddenly too braindead to think of people to tag.  Sorry!  -.-;;;)

Behind a cut because this is bound to get long…

1. Tell It Like It T-I-Is; the B-52s

Oh, HEY.  Joke’s on me.  Very first song and I have not only one favorite lyric, but TWO.  XD

“I’m spinnin’ to the rhythm of the earth and the ocean
See the situation, oh, what a sight“


“Can you feel the movement
Or hear the untamed melody?
Tell it like it is and was
And always should be, yeah“

…though this has been a favorite song for so long that it’s entirely possible that those are my favorite lyrics because they’re my favorite bits in the song to sing.  And the woman who sings them is the one whose vocal range most closely matches my own.  ^_~

2. The Bargain–The Waltz of Treachery; Les Miserables 2010 Cast Album

HA.  Yeah, my favorite lyric in this song actually ISN’T IN THIS VERSION?

My favorite line is the “Hush now, do not be afraid of me.  Don’t cry.  TELL ME WHERE YOU LIVE???” bit.  Because WHAT EVEN VALJEAN??  Way to be creepy and have no chill!  XD

3. Captain Jack; Billy Joel

Uh… I confess, I always skipped this song on the album.  So, I have no idea what the lyrics even are.  O_o;;;

4. All Black; Good Charlotte

…another song I never listen to.  For that matter, I don’t really listen this album.  I was all excited when it came out because I LOVE their other album, but I just never really got into this one?

5. Red and Black; Les Miserables OBCR


And… the next 15 were all instrumental songs.  How did that even happen?  O_o;;;  I assume I’m allowed to skip those?  -.-;;;

6. Kiseki no Umi; Record of Lodoss War TV Series

OMGGGGGG!!  This was one of my first experiences with “I don’t even go here but I LOVE THIS THING *_*”  This was never an anime I was into, but I fucking LOVE this song.  *_*

And honestly, my favorite bits of the song are the instrumental/chanting bits between the verses, but my favorite verse is this one:

kaze yo    watashi wa tachimukau

yukou    kurushimi no umi e to

kizuna    kono mune ni kizande

kudakeru    nami wa hatenaku tomo

[Oh wind, I will stand and face you!

I will go to the sea of anguish,

though bonds cut my chest,

and the crushing waves are endless.]

7. Downtown; Petula Clark

And you may find somebody kind to help and understand you
Someone who is just like you and needs a gentle hand to
Guide them along
So maybe I’ll see you there
We can forget all our troubles, forget all our cares

I’d say that’s pretty obvious why I like this bit, actually.  ^_^

8. Gethsemane; Paul Nolan, 4/17/2012 JCS Broadway

AHAHAHA–ITUNES, WHY MUST YOU HURT ME SO??  *sobs aggressively*

Alright I’ll die
Just watch me die
See how I die
See how I die

Then I was inspired, now I’m sad and tired
After all I’ve tried for three years
Seems like ninety

Why then am I scared
To finish what I started
What you started
I didn’t start it

…because I just really love those breaking noises?  And Paul broke so pretty?

…I’m weak.  -.-;;;  Also, OMG, WHEN HE WENT HIGH ON THAT “WHY THEN AM I SCARED TO FINISH” BIT.  DEAD.  I’M SO DEAD.  @enechelon, DO YOU REMEMBER THAT PART?  *whimper*  I remember that part.  And it would especially break me.  TT^TT  *sobs aggressively*

9. Sobakasu; Rurouni Kenshin 1st Opening

…oh dear lord.  I remember these as being the most inane lyrics on the planet.  *rummages*

Oh yeah.  Oh no.  There’s nothing salvageable in there.  O_o;;;  NOT my favorite RuroKen opening.  😛  (Though I’m greatly amused that my old college roomie texted me this afternoon to tell me that she was watching this.  AW.  NOSTALGIA.  ^______^)

10. My Bloody Valentine; Good Charlotte

…at least this is off the album that I like?  In all seriousness though, this is one of those songs that I love singing at the top of my lungs when I’m in a bad mood and I try not to think about the lyrics too hard.  Because when I think about the lyrics to this song too hard I get REALLY DISTURBED, REALLY FAST.  O_o;;;

Bonus: Farmer Refuted; Hamilton OBCR

Because I REFUSE to end on that note and this was the next song…

“Don’t modulate the key then not debate with me!”

XD  I JUST LOVE THAT LYRIC.  It cracks me up every time.  ^_^

And that’s everything, I think.  ^_^


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