It is my goal to write SOMETHING today.  I almost don’t even care what.

Things I’m thinking about working on:

  • FYFM
  • Next chapter of Muet
  • Next chapter of No Man is an Island
  • This monstrosity of a Star Wars fic that just reared its ugly head this morning
  • Something for LMBB
    • I’ve decided that if I can star something and get it finished before sign-ups are over, then I will sign up, otherwise, no.  …if anyone has any suggestions about this, they would be welcome, too.


2 ½ hours, half of RotS, and 1226 words later… I think I have the potential here to make @kingesstropolis very happy later on tonight.  Which makes ME happy, because she’s been having a rough time lately.  *nodnod*  ^_^


(I also like that you are having a Good Writing Experience, because that is an awesome thing to be having.)

(I also really wish we had REPLIES so I could communicate with you other than reblogging this. *glares at staff*)

*coughs* It’s possible that I was incorrect.  I will not be making you happy later on tonight.

…I will be making you happy in ABOUT TEN MINUTES.  ;D

(And I am also really glad that I had a Good Writing Experience.  I haven’t had many of those lately.  And I haven’t actually felt good about what I’ve been writing lately.  Today I did.  Today I’m actually very happy with what I wrote.  I didn’t write quite as MUCH as I’d planned to write, but the niece and nephew will be over in an hour and I’m not dressed, yet.  Also, I reached a good chapter endpoint, so I’M JUST GONNA RUN WITH IT.  ^_^  Who knew my angsty Jedi boys would be so inspiring in other ways, too?  ;D)


Anyway, gonna go do some AO3 uploading, now…  ^_^  Later!

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