[ The Obi-Wan Kenobi Spin-off Movie Rumor Lives Again…As a Trilogy ]

i just need them to stop toying with my emotions like this and give us (and ewan mcgregor) what we all want. 

lmao like i know what disney is doing. i know they are milking this cash cow for all it’s worth but i don’t care give me 20 obi-wan films with ewan i will watch all of them

Originally posted by bisexualanakln

LET THEM MILK THE CASH COW if it means more star wars movies then they can do anything they want 

but mostly i need a good 20 obi-wan films yes i agree 

And maybe an Ashoka???

i shamefully haven’t watched any TCW or Rebels but based on principle i am already 7000% here for this

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