…oh geez Marius really could have gone to Hernani 

just like Gillenormand thinks

he may have been broke  and he may have refused charity but Bahorel would absolutely have been recruiting for the Romantic Army and Marius is canonically a terrifying opponent if you can get him going

 Marius Pontmercy at the battle of Hernani  this is going to be cracking me up all dayyyyyy 

I have got this headcanon about Prouvaire and Bahorel recruiting all the Amis for Hernani, like ALL of them.

Enjolras would be a bit dubious about the whole thing, but P&B insist this is Very Important, and they are the experts? Freedom of speech is serious business, he’s totally down with it. (he draws the line on dressing up though, but he’s got The Hair, so that’s okay)

Combeferre is along out of scientific curiousity as much as of desire to show support, but he learns everything he can (of course) and argues beautifully against anyone foolish enough to engage him. Feuilly surprises himself (and no one else) by getting very worked up and passionate over theatre and oh no, he really didn’t need another cause, he doesn’t have enough *time*, help. Grantaire is really amused, but he has the knowhow and is thrilled to have a chance to use his trolling ability in context even Enjolras would appreciate. (Enjolras doesn’t, he’s too busy going ??? at everything and trying not look as unsettled as he feels. They are on a mission, damn it.)

The rest? didn’t really need any convincing. Bossuet accidentally sets off a human domino chain that wrecks havoc in the ranks of Neoclassicists and is declared the hero of the night. He gets a rather impressive shiner out of it. Puns happen.

(Marius isn’t entirely sure how he got dragged along or what is happening, but he knows grandpa wouldn’t approve, so there is that. He’s also the only one who actually tries to watch the piece and would appreciate if everyone would shut up for a moment.)

#Marius would totally think they are there to watch the show#that’s what people go to theatre for right?#why is everyone so noisy?

…I don’t know if the idea of Marius or Enjolras at Hernani is more amazing. XD

Afterwards when everyone is processing what just happened they share a moment of quiet comraderie born from mutual mystification. “Are plays usually so…? So…? I have a man’s wig. Do men usually wear wigs to plays? And a nice old gentleman called me some sort of name and tried to hit me with a shoe.” “I really have no idea.” “…I don’t think I’m ever going to understand Art.”

in the heat of the battle nobody notices just how stupid Hernani is 

“oh sure, let’s give this horn to my rival and tell him he just has to blow it if he wants me dead. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG”

Gasp! GASP!  Them’s fightin’ words!

(…it’s an incredibly silly play.) 


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