But what if Anakin isn’t ignoring Kylo Ren?  What if that great pull Kylo feels towards the Light is Anakin Skywalker desperately trying to save his grandson from his own fate, the way his wife and son tried to save him?

what if Anakin is literally constantly standing behind Kylo Ren, sputtering with ghostly frustration, going, “No! No! No! Do not do that! Do NOT do that! oh for fuck’s sake.”

This is almost certainly what is actually happening.

“Ben if you skewer my son-in-law with that lightsaber then SO HELP ME”

“Ben Solo your mother is blaming me for this, get your ass home and apologize now or I swear-”

And Yoda and Obi-wan are watching, shaking their heads. “Now you know how we felt,” Obi-wan says.

Yoda agrees: “A bitch, karma is.”

I love this. So many people can just totally see Anakin trying to strangle Ben from the afterlife.

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