Dear Tumblr, what the actual fuck




When I refreshed my dash a few hours ago, Tumblr suddenly decided that apparently every post made prior to an arbitrary point was not something I needed to read. I could go back three pages, but the third page had no ‘next’ button at the bottom, which, given the way Tumblr generates dashboard URLs, means everything older than that page might as well not exist for me unless I go individually check every blog I follow.

(I can now go back SIX pages. New stuff being posted does not seem to kick old stuff past the barrier, but the barrier itself is still there.)

I thought for a while that one specific post might be at fault, since it was always on the last accessible page, and its position on that page determined how many older posts I could see (ie, if it was at the bottom, it was the last thing I could reach; if it was at the top, I could see nine others beyond it), but I temporarily unfollowed the person who made the post in order to test that theory, and that simply altered what the final post on the final accessible page was; it did not fix the problem.

Is this happening to anyone else?

Okay, this has been happening to me too, and what you can do to get around it goes like this:

open up the reblog at the bottom of your page on a new tab

in the url copy the big number indicating what post it is

you can close that tab and back on your dashboard’s url, you can just paste the new big number there. page number doesn’t matter, you can ignore that.

then when you load the page, the post at the top will be the post that would’ve been at the top of the next page if tumblr behaved.

if you’d like to verify to make sure you’ve lost nothing, you can do this with the second to last post on your current dashboard page, and then the last post on your current page will be the first post on the next.

Huh! i don’t have this problem myself but reblogging for my other peeps to try.


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