fic prompt – instead of Ben Wyatt reviewing tfa, how does enjolras feel about it?


“and now, it’s time for another episode of light things on fire! i’m your host courfeyrac, and sitting in with my today is enjolras!” 

jehan plays a single note on a small triangle, and the podcast gets under way.

“enjolras! what are we lighting on fire today?”

“the first order,” enjolras says immediately, leaning forward in his chair and gripping the microphone. “if the force awakens is about anything, other than proving to disney that men of color and women can helm a billion dollar recoup, and proving to the rest of us that capitalism is alive and well, it’s about fighting with everything you’ve got.”

“tell me more,” courfeyrac coos, and makes frantic shushing motions at jehan, who is humming john williams in the background. jehan looks afronted.

enjolras doesn’t even notice, too rapt. “it’s a movie about standing up, and – no spoilers, because some people didn’t make the midnight show -” grantaire feigns sleep in a corner “- it’s also a movie about helping your friends. it’s about standing up as a way of loving your friends. and that is why we’re going to light the first order on fire.”

courfeyrac strikes a match. “on your order, commander.”

enjolras grins.

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