im tired so here are some bahorel headcanons


Bahorel has a membership to a 24/7 gym

He visits said gym around three in the morning

He listens to Celine Dion the entire time he’s at said gym

He loves soft blankets and sweaters

He warms them in the dryer before he uses them

He sniffs books

He and feuilly always try to walk through the doorway at the same time and get stuck

Every single time

Always brings Feuilly lunch while he’s at work

Has a major sweet tooth

Attends law school out of pure spite

A little girl challenged him to a game of hopscotch in the park and as a result he missed a very important exam

Had to make up said exam on the weekend

Still worth it

Knows how all of his friends take their coffee

Also has this weird sixth sense where he just knows when one of them is sad

Attempts to fix everyone

Forgets to fix himself

Loves people watching

doodles flowers on his napkins

oh god i just love him so much

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