AU Where Fantine Survives and Jean Valjean never has cause to reveal his identity



Let’s be honest, if Fantine had survived act one, this would be a very different musical. She would not have taken any of the Thenardier’s shit, for one. And probably would have dropkicked Marius off a balcony on principle  dammit Cosette this was how you happened I warned you about this

And between that and pre-Confrontation Javert being in a generally constant state of ‘let me do my damn job Madeleine you ridiculous cinnamon roll, don’t you realize people are going to take advantage of you,’ I feel like they could make a club. 

YESSS completely here for Fantine getting to live on and kick the Thenardiers into a septic tank!

Also this looks like then they’re gonna turn into an action movie, which would be awesome.


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