Les Misérables 1958 (dubbed and captioned)


For those who don’t know French or who have trouble hearing: the 1958 film dubbed in English and captioned! (This is the full movie in one video!)

This is a French-German-Italian film, originally filmed in French, and it’s public domain so I don’t feel bad about posting all of the links. 😀 It was a massive production at the time and still apparently seen as one of the best adaptations by many. (It’s not one of my favourites but it definitely has some really nice stuff. Also weird stuff. And stuff that’s both nice and weird. IT HAS ÉPONINE AND COSETTE HANGING OUT TOGETHER AS TEENAGERS. Also it’s the one with baby Javert. (Because it shows Javert as a little kid at the beginning of the story.))

Sadly the video quality isn’t very good (also there are a few mistakes in the captions). The French versions are better.

The aforementioned French versions:

(Option A): Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

(Option B): Parts 1, 2 

I haven’t watched the latter one but I’ve watched both the first French one and the dubbed English one and they are using slightly different cuts, actually, so they have slightly different scenes. It’s possible that “option B” has a different cut too.

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