So… we got a bit of snow the last couple of days.  😛  I think when all was said and done, we got about a foot and a half of snow.  But it was blizzard conditions.  So in some places of the yard, we didn’t have more than 6-12 inches.  IN OTHERS WE HAD CLOSER TO THREE FEET.  THIS SHIT WAS UP TO MY WAIST WHEN I WAS SHOVELING.  TT^TT  And of course, it was too wet, too heavy, and too high for the snow blower to be any help, so I actually did have to shovel.  Ugh.  At least my parents hired people to do the driveways, sidewalks, and front walks and clean off the cars.  That was a HUGE help.  All I had to do was shovel out the patio and get a path across our half of the yards.  …of course that’s where ALL THE DRIFTS WERE, but that’s OK.  It’s done and now I’m snuggled up with my kitty again.  Here’s hoping it all melts quickly?

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