answered your question
“[[MOR] As a consequence of issues with anxiety, ADHD, and executive…”

*hugs* it really was a very good idea to contact them, even if the timing wasn’t the best what’s important is you’re taking the steps you need now. i hope they’re able to help and that working with them takes some of the workload off your plate! ❤

I’m… feeling a little better about it this morning?  Like even though the vast majority of me is still terrified, there’s a tiny part of me that’s starting to realize that I might actually gain a habitable living space out of taking this step.  And the thought of that fills me with such RELIEF.  It makes me want to cry for an entirely different reason.  That I might not have to live like this.  That I might actually be able to breathe a little.  And that’s a really good thing, you know?


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