answered your question
answered your question “[[MO As a consequence of…”

yes yes such a good thing! what a positive step to take! And I think this is the hardest, right? Like finding a new therapist. You’ve got the ball rolling now. 🙂

IT REALLY IS.  The only good thing is that even though I’m the kind of person who takes fucking FOREVER to make a decision, I’m also the kind of person that once I make a decision, IT’S MADE and I will enact it.  So, the woman I contacted yesterday called me like… ten minutes ago and we talked and I made an appointment for an organizing session and she’s coming next Thursday for four hours and hopefully this means I’ll get to reclaim some of my living space.  And I’m actually starting to look forward to it.

Like, I’ve been dithering about pulling the bandage off and causing myself low levels of pain for years while I do it and this was me just snarling and savagely ripping the thing off because FUCK IT ALREADY, JUST GET IT DONE.  And it stings, but it definitely feels like the hardest part is over.  *deep breath*

So.  There we go.  ^_^


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