winter walk dog safety!

please wipe your pups paws after taking them on a winter walk. un-purified rock salts contain traces of heavy metals such as mercury and lead. however, most municipalities in north america use ferrocyanide (a form known to cause cancer) as an anti-caking agent to facilitate the spreading of rock salt and prevent clumping. these ice melter toxins combined with antifreeze (ethylene glycol, that’s been spilled onto roads/sidewalks/driveways) are known to irritate pets who lick their paws and ingest these chemicals in harmful quantities after their winter walks. dogs that have stepped in antifreeze will be inclined to lick it because it smells and tastes SWEET.

antifreeze poisoning symptoms:
– lack of coordination
– excessive drinking and urination
– gastrointestinal irritation
– coma, seizures, and/or death

rock salt poisoning symptoms:
– burns to the mouth
– dehydration
– raw and sore paws
– liver and kidney failure
– pancreatitis

protect your furry four legged pals this winter season!! i had a dog ingest antifreeze after licking some off someone’s driveway and it was heartbreaking watching his condition worsen while on the way to the vet. he ended up being treated and made full recovery but i would have been devastated if it was anything other than old age that took him from me. stay safe!

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