1, 3, 6, 15 for Courfeyrac for the headcanon meme. ^_^


1. Holiday headcanon

His favourite holiday is Christmas, hands down. Not for the traditions – he doesn’t even have a tradition – but because it’s an excuse to spoil his friends and hang out with them and make them happy, to share the things that make him and them happy, and he loves the warmth of the season.

3. Sleeping headcanon

Courfeyrac sleeps like a kitten. He’s so cute it’s almost unbearable. He snores just a little, it’s not even annoying, it’s just cute. He curls up in a ball and looks as if he’s smiling – which he probably is, oh my god. Oh my god. No. You can’t see Courfeyrac sleeping and not go ‘aw, bb’. It’s impossible.

He goes to sleep pretty early, and he’s super cranky and moody when he hasn’t had a full night’s sleep, so he tries to avoid that. He’s a morning person, too, and it’s just as well because his favourite meal of the day is breakfast. If you’re sleeping over at Courfeyrac’s on the weekend, you can be sure he’ll make you the brightest, tastiest, greatest breakfast you’ll ever have.

6. Hugging headcanon

Courfeyrac communicates a lot with his body, and it includes hugging. The kind of friend who hugs his hellos and goodbyes. When he’s worried or insecure, like after fighting with a friend or when something bad’s happened, he won’t feel better until he’s gotten to hug the person.

15Singing headcanon

He’s a good singer! His family was always quite musically involved. He’s never taken singing lessons, but theater yes, so he has a good control over his voice. He plays the guitar, too, and loves to sing wile playing. What he doesn’t have in pure singing talent he makes up for it in enthusiasm and love for the song. 

OMG, YES. I love each and every one of these!  😀  And I feel that hugging headcanon SO MUCH because that is so me it’s ridiculous.

In fact, I’ll take it one further.  I bet that sometimes–when all his friends are busy with finals or when they go home/away for vacations and just don’t see each other for a while–he starts to feel touch-starved.  Because he needs that physical contact for reassurance.  And when he doesn’t get it, he gets very, very sad.  He wouldn’t say anything about it, though.  Because the last thing he wants is to be a bother to anyone.  But it slowly starts to wear him down until someone finally notices that he’s a little off and innocently wraps an arm around his shoulders to give him a one-armed hug or a pat or something innocuous like that.  (For some reason I feel like it would be Marius or Feuilly or maybe even Bahorel?)  And Courfeyrac just becomes an octopus, diving right into that hug full force and not letting go for way longer than a normal hug would last.  And maybe it’s a little awkward at first, because WOW, NOT WHAT I WAS EXPECTING WHEN I OFFERED THIS ITTY BITTY HUG??  But whoever initiated it usually picks up on the fact that Courfeyrac needs that hug, for whatever reason and settles in to give back as good as they’re getting and yes, that’s why we’ve been standing here blocking the doorway for the past ten minutes, what’s your point?


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