CONCEPT: BahorelxFeuilly coffee shop au where Feuilly is an overworked barista and Bahorel, who loves salted caramel white chocolate mochas, always just orders a plain black coffee (which he hates) so that Feuilly wont have to work any harder


!!!!!! AND FEUILLY THINKS HE LOVES IT?! He legit thinks Bahorel ADORES black coffee, so he orders different kinds, stuff that is supposed to be more fruity, or chocolaty or whatever fancy coffee, just for him.

And Bahorel pretends so well that for 5 months he drinks black coffee with his teeth clenched but a smile onto his lips because he gave Feuilly a well deserved five minute break. For their first date, they go to another coffee shop and this time Bahorel orders his usual extravaganza of a drink and Feuilly is like “Oh I didn’t know you liked that, you never order that.”

“It’s because I like you more.”

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