How about Downton Abbey and Hufflepuff? ^_^




  • Robert, definitely. He’s very family-oriented and despite all his fault, people – and their feelings – come first for him, leading him to make good decision (helping out Mrs Patmore, with her cataracts in season one and with the memorial in later seasons), being in general very generous and understanding to his staff – probably more than most other men in his position. Going off to America to help his brother-in-law. Then not-as-good decision: sheltering Mary in season 4 to an unhealthy degree, refusing to sell land to sell the estate because of what the people on the land meant to him. Yeah. Robert’s main priority has always been people, he’s pretty much the biggest Hufflepuff of the show. 
  • I’m torn between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw for Edith, but I think I’m going to have to go with Hufflepuff. Her love of the outdoors and work, for one thing: Edith needs to be busy to be happy. She works incredibly hard, and she takes her work very seriously. She’s incredibly loyal to those who love her. She’s a great boss, because she listens to others and their input and she’s a great team worker (unlike other members of her family, eh). All in all, she’s the one who takes the most after her father, so her sharing his house makes sense, you know?
  • Matthew!! Matthew Crawley, oh my god. One of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Fair and incredibly generous. A little emotional like his Gryffindor mother, and just as dedicated to doing the Right Thing, though while Isobel usually sees it as a Cause and Idea, Matthew wants to do right by the people around him, i.e. everything with Lavinia. You know he’s have stood by her and loved her and been a loyal husband, even though he knew he still loved Mary. Just. Matthew. ;-;


  • Baxter! We didn’t get to see much of her, which was a shame, because I loved her. Smart and kind and soft-spoken Baxter, also incredibly loyal – to her employer yes, but also to her friends, like Thomas – even when they do wrong by her she’s so warm-hearted and always finds it in her to forgive them (the only person she finds it hard to forgive is herself, and that breaks my heart…)
  • Alfred! and William, too. Both sweet guys, good guys, who want(ed) to make their little place in the world and get by as well as they can.

oh gosh yes.  *_*  I love every one of these and I never would have thought of Robert, but you’re TOTALLY RIGHT.  He is the most Hufflepuff to ever Hufflepuff.  😀

The only two you didn’t list who I like to think of as Hufflepuff are Anna (so I’d love to know where you’d sort her! ^_^) and maybe Tom.  I wobble between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor for him depending on my mood.  ^_^


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