i think my favorite thing about tumblr right now is that the queue limit is supposedly 300 posts but it’s actually not, it’s really 301 posts, and this is because the queue is an array and therefore obviously zero-indexed but tumblr isn’t using the length of the queue to determine when to stop adding posts, but rather the index of the post you’re trying to add, and the 300th object in a zero-indexed array has a fucking index of 299 but they don’t cut you off til after you’ve added the post with the index of 300 (ie, the 301st post) and that is such a simple, stupid, careless programming mistake and it would be SO easy to fix (it would literally be 1 line of code. one. line.) but the tumblr dev team obviously cbf to bother with it and honestly if that doesn’t tell you the level of care and attention to detail the developers give to their actual fucking product and the amount of emphasis tumblr’s management places upon quality assurance (ie, NONE) then idfk what would.  this website is such a joke jfc.  @ all aspiring programmers: don’t work for tumblr if you want to like, write good code or learn anything useful.  i mean i guess if you’re incompetent and wanna wear your tie as a belt this would be the ideal workplace for you but i’m just saying.

This is literally the first thing you learn in arrays which are like the second thing you learn in introductory programming and they fucked this up I’m screaming


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