Hello hello hello!! Essay nonny back again :) I was just wondering what your opinion on Marius and Cosette’s relationship is? Do you think it’s fair to compare to Romeo and Juliet (I mean, whatever your opinion on R+J is, that’s a whole other story!) or do you think there’s a much deeper connection? I’ve seen arguments for both and I’m trying to work out which side to argue ^_^

Hello, essay nonny!  ^_^  Sorry I didn’t get back to you yesterday–Wednesday’s are my longest days.

ANYWAY, I’m afraid I may not be as much help to you on this one because I haven’t actually gotten to the section of the Brick yet when they meet.  And my opinion on R&J is actually kind of in massive flux at the moment, so I’m not really sure what I feel about that.  -.-;;;

I mean, there are certainly some parallels, but I’m not sure it’s really a direct parallel?  Both couples are relatively young (though R&J are younger, IIRC?), and both Juliet and Cosette are somewhat sheltered, though to varied degrees and for quite different reasons.  But the impediments to Marius and Cosette’s relationship are vastly different.  For example, I certainly couldn’t see Lord Capulet disguising himself, running off in the middle of the night, and risking his own life by getting in the middle of a revolution just to go save Romeo when he finds out Juliet is in love with him!  ^_~  It’s an entirely different dynamic.

And as for whether or not there’s a deeper connection, again, I guess that depends on how deep you feel the connection is between R&J?  Also, Marius fell and Cosette fell in love over the course of months, not the day that is often portrayed in the musical.  So, it’s a slightly different ball game, I think.

But I know there are people on my dash who are way more knowledgeable both about Marius and Cosette AND about Romeo and Juliet, so many one of them will want to weigh in?  ^_^

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