My uncle just called from downstairs to ask if I’m ready to start shoveling and i’m not I’m not I’m not. *whine whine whine* We just got RID of this shit. *sobs softly*

The sun came out in NJ an hour or so ago and it’s melting the snow pretty rapidly (though looks like we got an inch less than you maybe). Hopefully it’s headed your way soon!

We’ve got sun now, too! 😀 I finally caved to the shoveling for that exact reason, though. Because it was starting to melt just enough to become really heavy. 😛 So I went out and shoveled the paths and the driveway and dug out the cars before it could get too bad. And this way the sun can do the rest for me. ^_^

…of course, I hear we get to do it all again next Wednesday, too. 😛

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