to my understanding, romantic attraction is very close to falling in love. if sexual desire is the desire to have sex with that specific person, romantic attraction is the desire to do romantic things with that specific person; wanting to hold their hand, kiss them etc





The term “demiromantic” suggests there can be romantic attraction divorced from an emotional connection with the person one is attracted to, and that’s the part I don’t instinctively understand. I accept that it is a thing, but I wonder if I’m in the majority or the minority in that I don’t experience it that way. But if I’m in the minority, it would explain why I never wanted to date casually. 

If you’re in the minority I’m right there with you, yo.

It seems like that’s the way of doing things that makes sense? I never understood why people date casually on TV, and go on dates with people they’re not already in a relationship with. Dating acquaintances is a form of socializing that I don’t understand at all, it sounds so awkward, and I don’t see why you would want to do romantic things with someone you’re not in love with, or at least friends with. And yet people do. So that must be romantic attraction without an emotional bond?

Yeah. But like, isn’t the very definition of Romantic Attraction that it’s an emotional bond? So confusing.

(taking casual-dating-to-meet-someone out of the equation, of course.)

Just to throw my two cents in here… I’m not demiromantic, but I am aromantic and I think it may be easier to understand from that perspective?  Since being demi falls under the aro umbrella.

So, looking at the aro perspective first: I may desire closeness with friends, but never in the “I want to be romantically involved with you” way.  It’s really a question of intent, I think.  I may cuddle up to you, but in the same way I’d cuddle up to my sister or mother or father.  Same with everything else.  If we go out to eat, it’s just two friends getting dinner who didn’t want to cook.  There’s no intent to pursue a life together or any of the other romantic trappings.  You’re friends and there’s nothing more to it than that, nor would you want there to be.

Now, imagine that in the process of doing all the things one does with a friend, you suddenly DO start to want those things.  The romantic things.  That romantic attraction develops.  The thing with demiromanticism is that those romantic feelings CAN’T develop without the friendship feelings already being there.  You don’t go on a date with a stranger and fall in love.  You have to be friends first.

I’ve seen so many of my friends meet someone in a bar, or online, or through friends, or whatever, and fall in love and end up together.  If you’re demiromantic, that doesn’t happen.  You have to already have a close emotional bond before the romantic attractions happen.

Does that make sense?  Suddenly I’m not sure.  -.-;;;

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