When Victor Hugo learned that Heinrich Heine had called him a hunchback, he flew into a rage, climbed to a cliff top on Guernsey, removed all of his clothes and asked his publisher, “Am I a hunchback?”
His publisher generously concluded that ‘if Heaven had bestowed no other gift on him, he could have earned a living as an artist’s model’

Victor Hugo, a Biography by Grahman Robb (via hunchbacked-one-eyed-lame)

proteusspade, I feel like this is really something you ought to know if you don’t already. BLESS. 

(via geekygothgirl)

reblogging this because people seem to think I made the stripping-in-front-of-the-publisher thing up 
which like I understand, it definitely Sounds Fake, but if it is made up I am not the one who  made it up, it is in the biography 

 Victor Hugo’s general existence is none of my invention, friends, I am not responsible for this happening. 

(via pilferingapples)

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