I realize my queue has run out and I haven’t been around much in the past couple of days.  I’d like to say that I have a good reason, but, uh… does getting sucked down the well of a really fucking amazing fic count as a good reason?  Because I did.  And it’s all @dreamer-wisher-liar‘s fault.

So, yes.  This amazing fic called “Re-entry/Re-entry: Journey of the Whills” by flamethrower ate my life the past week.  And I was just so immediately immersed in and overwhelmed by it that I did the thing that I try to never ever ever do which is consume heavily without leaving comments and I just couldn’t even pull myself out of the fic long enough to think coherently about how I was reacting to it much less to SAY ANYTHING and it’s driving me a little up the wall, because now the thought of going back and trying to retro-comment is just really, really daunting.  O_o;;;

So, I will just say this: if you like SW and are a Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan fan, and you like a REALLY HEALTHY HELPING OF OBI-WAN ANGST IN YOUR FIC… you may want to sacrifice a week of your life to reading this thing.  Because it’s AMAZING.  It made me fall in love with characters I didn’t even know and it’s so unbelievably solid and complete and detailed and I AM HAVING SO MUCH FLAILING OVER HERE, IT’S RIDICULOUS.  I honestly can’t even speak coherently about it, but this is every. fucking. thing. that I ever wanted out of a SW fic and I just can’t words and OMFG, I hope the author checks their tags because I tried to @ them in this post and couldn’t and this is way too much squee to fit in an ask.  -.-;;;

Anyway.  Yes.  Coherency.  I have lost it.  *hangs head*  So, I will stop before I resort to keyboard smashing.  *coughs*  ^_^

(Also, as a general comment, goodness bless the old MA archive and its migration to AO3 because there is SO MUCH GOOD FIC THERE.)

Also, I will try to refill my queue later, but I confess I let it lapse a bit because there is so little Les Mis on my dash right now and I really, really want to try to keep to my “every other post is LM” thing and I’m just too damned tired right now to sift through the tags for stuff.  -.-;;;

…in other news, you know you’ve been sucked into a fandom when you try to find a tea blend for a character on Adagio and can’t find one you like and end up SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING MAKING ONE.  Oh Obi-Wan… the things you do to me.  *shakes head fondly*  ^_^

How’s everyone else doing?


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