Your sketches the other night reminded me how much I love courferre! 1. any fic recs? 2. do you have any feelings about courferre on a ghost walk?


I inspire courferre fever everywhere I go. 😉

Here are some fics I’ve read (relatively) recently which I recommend:

Make Believe (He’s Here) by Raeldaza – Les Amis is an organization of supernatural hunters, and Combeferre and Courfeyrac partner up to take down a succubus which takes the shape of the object of your desire to lure you into her trap. (One of my favorite courferre fics, and it’s over 10k!! A rare, beautiful thing for the pairing.)

Seven Thursdays, And Counting by AkumaStrife – Courfeyrac’s go-to coffee shop closes down, so he has to start going to a new one; there’s a really hot regular there, though, so it can’t be all bad. (SO CUTE and the characterizations are spot on. A present to me from the author, who is super lovely and talented and will be famous one day, mark my words.)

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again by eirenical – Courfeyrac is a famous actor, and Combeferre is a devoted fan; but in their childhood, they were also Internet friends. Now, united in the flesh, Combeferre craves so much more. (Steamy and adorable, read it!!)

A Blind, Lucky Disaster by Raeldaza – Enjolras takes it upon himself to set his two friends up on a blind date. Unfortunately, it’s the worst first date in the history of dating. (Loaded with second-hand embarrassment oh my goodd, but it’s so cute!! Another present to me from the author, because I’m super lucky and people are amazing??)

Even Brighter Than Usual by theglitterati – Courfeyrac poses shirtless for Grantaire’s art one day in the Musain, and Combeferre is definitely affected by it more than he should be. (I mean… shirtless Courfeyrac. Flustered Combeferre. Need I say more?)

In addition to these, check out my previous list of recommendations, because I still strongly stand by them!

As for the ghost walk…. please elaborate, dear anon.

-Monika xx

AW.  Thanks for the rec, @infinite-mirrors!  ^_^

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