For the headcanon ask meme: Muet Verse Combeferre: 1,3,6, 9,19, 24 and for Muet Verse Enjolras: 2, 3, 6, 10, 24, and 25. That’s a lot, but let’s start there, shall we?

Holy cow, @kingesstropolis, YOU WEREN’T KIDDING.  O_O  I think I’m going to put this whole thing behind a cut because LONG and potential spoilers, though I’ll try not to.  ;D

Anyone else want to play?


1) Something this character is truly proud of.

Oh gosh.  This is going to sound horrible, but these days, Combeferre really isn’t proud of anything.  He’s exactly the OPPOSITE of proud.  Of anything.  He’s pretty much on the self-loathing bandwagon, atm.

3) Who depends on them.

Courfeyrac.  Enjolras.  Joly.  Bahorel.  …you know what?  Everyone, really.  He’s the technological brains behind their whole operation.  Whether it’s for monitoring purposes, gadget purposes, or second pair of hands in the ER purposes, everyone in Les Amis depends on him to some extent.

6) Something they lost, but would love to have back


Courfeyrac and the relationship they had before Philidelphia.

*ducks flying coconuts*

9) What calms them when they are upset.

Reminding him how much he is needed.  It may not soothe the upset, but it will get him functioning enough that he can do what needs to be done.  Then he’ll quietly go fall apart somewhere private, picking apart every little thing that went wrong until he’s worried it to death and so exhausted that he can’t think about it anymore.  Then he’ll crash and wake up the morning ready to move forward.

19) When they feel safest

Tucked into the big armchair, wrapped up in Courfeyrac, a blazing fire in the fireplace.  That’s his happy place.  That’s the only place where he feels like nothing bad can touch him.  That’s why Courfeyrac wanted so much to give that security back to him, just once, after yanking the emotional rug out from under him.

24) What they wish they could change about themselves

Most of all, Combeferre wishes he was stronger, not so much physically, but mentally.  He’s such a scattered mess sometimes and he’s terrible in a crisis.  It’s why he never goes out on patrols, why he sticks to behind the scenes work.  And he feels so incredibly guilty about that, because he feels like everyone else is putting themselves on the line while he stays safely tucked away from any potential harm.  Not to mention that it means he isn’t there when the people he loves are in danger.


2) Who they want to please the most.

EVERYONE.  No, really.  Everyone.  It’s a problem.  He wants to be everything to everyone and it just never works.

3) Who depends on them.

Again, I’m going to have to go with everyone, but particularly it’s Grantaire.  Since Enjolras is one of only two people who can easily communicate with him, he ends up feeling very isolated when one of them isn’t around to translate for him.

6) Something they lost, but would love to have back

Post-amnesia?  Grantaire.  GRANTAIRE.  Because WTF even happened there???  So much has changed and it’s so hard for him to process all of it, and this thing with Courfeyrac is just Way Too Big, but his break-up with Grantaire is something he can wrap his head around and there’s a part of him that thinks that if he can fix THAT, maybe everything else will start to make sense, again.  

10) How they deal with pain.

Emotional pain: Anger.  It’s his biggest flaw, really.  When he’s hurting, Enjolras will lash out.  He tries to use that anger productively, to turn it into drive, but it doesn’t always work.  And his favorite target for his anger is himself.  Self-flagellation A. Specialty.  😛

Physical pain: OMG, he’s a wuss.  He is an ABSOLUTE WUSS.  He wants all the good drugs.  Just knock him the fuck out and let him sleep it off, whatever it is.  That’s the best for all concerned.  ^_~

24) What they wish they could change about themselves

Enjolras is way too quick to take everything on himself.  It’s a terrible habit, but he just can’t STOP.  He doesn’t want to burden his friends with things if he can help it, especially when they have their own concerns.  And he’ll very quickly run himself into the ground if no one’s keeping an eye on him.  He’s TRYING to learn to delegate, but hasn’t really been very successful at it so far.

25) What other people wish they could change about them

I’m honestly going to have to say “ditto” on #24.  Because as much as he cares about his friends, they care about HIM just as much and wish they could share in his burdens.

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