Do you have any Courfeyrac headcanons? I’m nervous about something, I need his cheerful attitude


feel like Courfeyrac would smile to absolutely everybody? Because a
smile goes a long way sometimes.

also always make it a point to compliment cashiers, waiters and
retail workers because they have long hours, rude customers and a
terrible salary at the end of the day. So anything he can do to make
life a little bit easier for them, he does. Courfeyrac will
compliment the cashier about their new haircut because “Oh, I’ve
never seen your ears before, they’re lovely!”, he will put the
clothes he’s not taking himself, because he knows that is frustrating
and takes time, he will always tip and leave a little handwritten
message on the bill for the waiter.

everybody thinks he’s flirting, but he’s just being what he deems to
be a decent human being

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