So, I’ve been digging through my drafts folder looking for Les Mis stuff and found this sitting in there from like… a month ago?  Which I apparently never posted?  So, I hope you don’t mind if I do it now.  You guys are the best and I love you to pieces.  ^_____________^

@takethewatch reblogged your post gaskaaarth:…………………reblog this and say … and added:

#oh gosh #eirenical is so important to me #she is so kind and thoughtful #and has helped me through so many oh shit I can’t days #i really look up to her #and i often think ‘if she can substitute in middle school i can certainly do this’ #she’s also a really talented writer #with a love for angst #and the relationships she writes for ace-spectrum characters are so fantastic and unique #it’s really good to see this variety of relationships represented

OMG, KAT.  So, I know you’re younger than me, but I feel like we have a very reciprocal “OMG, SENPAI *_*” relationship going on.  Because there are so many times when I looked at the crapton of work I have to do and think “Well, if Kat can organize herself as well as she does and sit down and focus on her work in spite of all her stress, then I CAN DO IT TOO.”  You’re the reason I make to-do lists and actually get stuff done when I manage to.  ^_^  So, thank you for being an inspiration in return!  ^_^

(And considering how much of a flaily squee reaction I have when I read pretty much EVERYTHING YOU WRITE, definitely having a blushy squealy “I’m not worthy!!” reaction over here in response to the last bit.  ;D)

@thecoffeetragedy reblogged your post gaskaaarth:…………………reblog this and say … and added:

eirenical is honestly one of the best friends anyone could ever had   she’s so warm and sweet and fun   always there to cheer you up when you need it   or just to listen and share ideas with   she is so compassionnate and lovely and a gorgeous person inside and out ❤

OH GOSH, VE.  Thank you!  ^_________^  I feel much the same about you!  You have this way of distracting me out of my stress and just being so affirming and warm and kind that makes me feel safe, especially when I’m spazzing out.  And I appreciate your creativity and your passion SO MUCH.  ^_^

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