OK.  @enechelon reminded me that I have a Goodreads account, so I’ve been poking at it a bit.  Still don’t know how much I’ll end up using it, but if anyone has one and would like to add me, let me know?

FINALLY got my LibraryThing catalog imported.  And when I did, I realized something.  I have a CRAPTON OF BOOKS.  So, I went through and sorted out books I’d read from books I hadn’t read.  And you know what else I found out?

…I have an awful lot of books that I wouldn’t miss if I got rid of them.  O_o;;;  Like… on the order of 200 of them.

Anyone have any thoughts on what you can do with used books (mostly paperbacks) that you don’t want/need anymore?  I can’t think of a single used bookstore that would take them off my hands for any decent amount of money and selling them would get prohibitive pretty quickly with shipping costs.  😛


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