A few years ago, my aunt raised 4 baby squirrels whose mother died a few days after they were born.  She had to syringe feed them every 3 hours for weeks.  Once they were full grown, she slowly started to introduce them to the outside.  But anytime she left a window open, they would come right back in.  So she started leaving some food for them on the front porch and that seemed to appease them.  Now a couple years later, all 4 of them have mates and several kids each, and their kids are starting to have babies.  And all of them still come to her front porch.  Even the “grandkids” will come to her and climb all over her and eat out of her hand.  And a couple days ago she decided to make a table and some chairs for them just as a joke, but they actually love it!  

everyone meet my aunt


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