imagine Feuilly as a history teacher, though. Teaching kids or teenagers or – anyone about important things! Being literally paid to go on and on about the things he loves to talk about! He’d be so passionate he’d probably lose his voice once every semester from talking so much but he would be so happy, ahhhh

OK, I had tucked this reblog off to the side because I have SO MANY FEELS about Les Amis as teachers and I wanted to come up with a dozen things to say, but I keep not having time to add anything when mainly I just want to say YESSSSSS.

But just… omg, really just imagine Feuilly getting to spend his life reading and researching about all the people and places of the world.  Like, that is literally his job.  To know people.  To know places.  To know their stories.  And can you imagine how much he’d chafe at the white bread sanitized history curriculum taught in so many schools?  Because there are SO MANY GREAT PEOPLE OUT THERE and so much more to know than the last 200-300 years of European and American history.

But even more than that, history is one of those great subjects for teaching young people how to think, how to research the facts, and form their own opinions from what they find.  He’d take them on field trips to the National Archives.  He’d introduce them to primary sources.  Can you even imagine how proud he’d be the first time a student was willing to disagree with him AND WAS ABLE TO BACK IT UP??  He’d have so much fun.  ^_^

I just… I have a lot of feels about this idea and I can’t thank you enough for bringing it to my attention.  ^_______^

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